About the CEO

Suzann Pilcher, BA – PSY- ED, MA- CLC

Certified Professional Academic, Business, Parental, Youth and Life Coach

Empowered Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that clients of all ages achieve their highest potential. As a lifelong educator, Suzann’s background in psychology and education has been instrumental in pursuing her own life’s ambition to help others. For the past fifteen years, Suzann has integrated the both teaching and coaching to assist her clients to identify, articulate and achieve their goals.

As a tutor she builds personalized programs based on individual skill level and provides the guidance needed to master the learning objectives of their grade level. As a coach Suzann enables students to conquer fears of failure, test anxiety, public speaking and negative thought patterns. She supports them in boosting self-esteem and accomplishing their ultimate goals, step by step. Suzann also provides Graduation Coaching and Education Consulting in which pupils explore their interests and skills to find best suited career choices and university programs that would help them to realize their objectives.

Suzann has been instrumental in coaching clients to attain their business, professional, health & wellness, relationship and personal life goals.  Improving communication skills, gaining higher awareness of challenging issues and reconditioning thought patterns are examples of just a few of the methods Suzann uses to positively impact the lives of hundreds of clients.  Her empathic nature, her pursuit of higher learning and her awareness of New Age Philosophy has also allowed her to add another dimension into her passion for helping others.  She provides spiritual guidance to many of her clients as well as her students.  Her knowledge of Meditation, Tarot, and Yoga gives her clients more insight into their own subconscious and divine purpose.  Suzann has dedicated her life to ensuring that all of her clients and students live the life they desire and deserve by assuring that they set and attain achievable goals.