Bring Your Life Into Focus

Empowered Solutions gives clients the tools to identify, articulate and attain their personal and professional life goals.  Whether it is Life Coaching, Family/Youth Coaching, Tutoring, Education Consulting or Graduation Preparations our mission is to:

EMPOWER you today to find the SOLUTIONS of tomorrow!

Suzann and her team of qualified professionals  have been teaching, tutoring, coaching and mentoring throughout the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland since 1995. Our tutors and coaches are all university graduates with a background in coaching, education, psychology, and / or social services who have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and attain personal success.

Academic Tutoring

We provide individualized and group orientated tutoring classes and coaching sessions for all grade levels from kindergarten to university in all academic subjects. We are knowledgeable of and adhere to the education guidelines put forth by the BC Ministry of Education.

Education Consulting

We work in unison with parents, teachers and students to find the best career choices, and carefully select courses to optimize our students’ chances of gaining admission and fulfilling their education goals. We have placed students in University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of California, University of Ireland, University of Hungary, as well as BCIT and other local colleges.

Coaching for Students

Our students are all motivated to identify, articulate and obtain both academic and personal life goals. They work to improve both their grades and their self-esteem. Graduation coaching for university placement, registration and admission in an essential service offered to new and recent grads.

Family and Youth Coaching

Children today are under tremendous amount of pressure.  Parents are concerned about connecting with their children and gaining access into their world. Develop the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to establish a calm, consistent and connected home life with your children.  Reduce stress in your home and help your children become more productive.  Learn to really understand and support your children’s unique traits and help them to feel more confident, secure and successful.  Gain the secrets to captivating, motivating and raising successful children.

Life Coaching

Our clients come from all walks of life and all different socioeconomic backgrounds. We stress a holistic approach to aiding our clients in sustaining a well-balanced and more fulfilling life. We have been instrumental in starting and sustaining new companies as well as building current businesses.  Motivation seminars are offered to improve morale and camaraderie.