Career Consulting

Are you feeling:

  • Like you have no idea what you want to do in life or what career path you want to follow
  • Like you know what you want to do but have no idea how to get there

Are you experiencing:

  • Setbacks because you don’t know what to do you gain post-secondary admission
  • Confusion about prerequisites required to attend certain universities
  • Negative thoughts and inability because you feel like your marks just aren’t good enough

Do you desire:

  • Someone to come help you figure out your ideal career choices
  • Someone to administer career aptitude tests and give you a sense of direction
  • Someone to answer your questions about careers, salaries, education requirements
  • Someone to help you overcome the obstacles you are facing and increase your chances of acceptance
  • Someone to give you choices of different paths to attain your ultimate career goals

We Offer:

A series of individual sessions or group seminars to help you research and apply for appropriate scholarships and increase your chances of receiving them.

A series of individual sessions or group seminars to help you better understand the career choices avail

able to you and how to go about securing entrance into the post-secondary institution of your choice.

Graduation Consultation

  • Consultation can start as early as grade 10 to ensure proper course selection to optimize chances of post-secondary institution admission
  • Individualized plan is created by advising on academic, extracurricular and optional activities that will maximize chances of receiving Scholarships
  • Career  testing and client desires are assessed to determine the best possible career choices and options  for their pursuit

University Applications & University Placement

Involves a series of steps:

  • First, we offer information sessions advise you of the many different career choices available
  • Second, we help to gain clarity into yourself, your goals and your career choices
  • Third, we provide instructions and build individualized plans that incorporate your current courses
  • Fourth, we help find the proper post-secondary institutions that offer your particular program choices
  • Fifth, we find ways to help increase your chances of gaining acceptance into the appropriate post-secondary institution
  • Lastly, we aid in filling all applications, letters of intent and  reference letters to ensure acceptance into your desired program

Scholarship Consultation

Many times scholarships are available but never applied for because students have no idea how to go about researching them and applying for them.  Other occasions much time and effort is wasted due to making incomplete and inaccurate applications.  Unfortunately, this can leave students and parents frustrated and disillusioned.  Our coaches will aid in narrowing down the scholarships available and helping to apply for them properly so as to increase chances of being awarded at least one.

Education Consultation:

An education consultant can give you peace of mind, preserve healthy family relations, and save money in the end.  Research and decisions related to education goals can be stressful, overwhelming and require a considerable amount of time and expense.  Although, there are a multitude of options available and an infinite number of online resources and guide books at your disposal often they may be out dated and confusing.  All of the conflicting information can leave you ill equipped to make a sound decision.

Our mission at Empowered Solutions is to work with students long before they even begin their applications to post-secondary institutions. First we make them aware of all of their choices and then by creating individualized plans to ensure acceptance.  Our services are sought by families who want their children to receive admission into extremely competitive programs or Ivy League schools.  We work with the students throughout the entire admissions process to strategize about which schools and back up schools to apply for.  We offer suggestions on the types of courses, extracurricular activities, grades, and particular exam scores required in order to be accepted.  We aid in filling out admissions forms, constructing letters of intent, gaining letters of reference and coaching for the interview process.  Each step in carefully considered to give the student the most competitive edge required to ensure admission into the career program of their choice.

This competitive edge is also important when it comes to applying for financial aid and scholarships.  We will help in narrowing the choices and focusing attention on the ones most attainable ones.  Attention is given to writing introduction letters, the formal essays and the application process from start to finish.  Chances of receiving financial award are maximized and thus more career opportunities are presented.