“When almost everyone had given up on me, my mom met an angel. She took me under her wing and helped me to visualize a different future for myself. It is because of her that I am now a practicing physician.”

Michel P from Vancouver

“My personal life was in shambles and I was debating if my marriage was over too! Thanks to Suzann I not only saved my marriage, but also created a wonderful, loving relationship with my husband.”

Ruby S from Maple Ridge BC

“I remember telling my new tutor that I only needed help with math since the other subjects were all OK. I was pulling a C+ average and thought nothing of it. Once I started getting my B’s I wanted A’s and now nothing less in satisfactory. My grade 12 average is 93%! Thanks again to you!”

Manny H from Delta BC

“Thanks to Suzann I not only did I set up my own private business but I also reached my financial goal and make a profit in my very first year! I will always be grateful to you for that and much more!”

Willow B from Langley

“There I was, just finished grade 12 and not a clue as to what I wanted to do or what university or college to apply for. I was fortunate enough to have a friend turn me on to Suzann, a “graduation coach”. She not only helped me to figure out what my skills were but always encouraged me to figure out what I really wanted to do. Then she helped me to look into different programs available and helped me to fill all of the applications. Even after checking over my essays she continued to guide and support me until I received admission. It was her dedication that encouraged me to continue.”

Rob T from Vancouver BC

“When my husband and I had thrown up our arms in defeat over our son’s attitude and behavior we were so distraught that we did not know what to do no more. Thank God we found the solution. Not only was Suzann instrumental in helping us to reconnect with our son, but she helped up all to find better ways to communicate and find a common ground. I thank God everyday for her influence over our family and feel so blessed to have me son back.”

Pauline P from Surrey, BC

“Suzann is like another mother to me! Of course I was not very thrilled with that in the beginning. Now I can not image my life without her guidance and her light. She has an amazing ability to connect to people on a deeper, subconscious level. I have seen her inspire many others during my time with her. You are an insightful person and we are all lucky to have you in our lives!”

Sonya K from Surrey BC

“When my employer had hired a business/ executive coach I was snickering just like the others. But after two sessions with this incredibly insightful and professional woman, we all had changed our minds about the effectiveness of coaching. So much so that many of us actually called her and hired her as our life coach. So glad we did. You helped me and my coworkers more than you’ll know. Thanks.”

Geoffrey G from Surrey

“Not only did Suzann help me to attain a high GPA but then with her I was able to sustain the grades. Being an individual who constantly needed support Suzann inspirational words encouraged me look inwards and draw on my own strength. Today I am proud to say that my legal business is thriving and I own some of that success to Suzann’s coaching and tutoring abilities.”

Annie M from Seattle Washington