Are you feeling

Dissatisfied, confused, or unfocused

Are you experiencing:

  • Conflict or adversity
  • Lack of clarity & purpose
  • Negative thoughts
  • Relationship problems
  • Self-sabotage

Do you desire:

  • Business Success
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Family Harmony
  • Financial Freedom
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Revitalization and energy
  • Successful Parenting Techniques

We Offer:

Individual hour long sessions, family sessions or group seminars for

  • Personal life Coaching to gain clarity into yourself, your goals and your desires
  • Secrets for captivating, motivating and raising successful children
  • Courses in attaining family harmony and unity
  • Methods for improving your business and financial portfolio

Academic Coaching

  • Goal Setting
  • Mentoring & motivating
  • Attaining higher grades

Graduation Coaching

  • Prepare to graduate beginning in grade 10
  • Course selection to optimize admission
  • University admission (local and international)

Life & Relationship Coaching

  • Marital, Friends & Family
  • Career, Education & Financial

Parental Coaching

Raise children who are:

  • Immune to peer pressure
  • Resistant to Bullying
  • Self-Assured and responsible
  • Great leaders and role models
  • Well Adjusted

Personal Life Coaching

Break free of the negative and unproductive thought patterns that keep you hostage and do not allow you to experience life as you desire. By improving your communication skills you will be more effective at expressing your intent. This will help enhance your relationships at all different levels. By partaking in interactive exercise you will create a new personal awareness that aids in discovering your own personal strength. Ascertain your own strengths, talents, and passion and employ them in living your life the way you want. Recognize how negative thoughts, expectations, excuses, complaints, and conflict can be identified and conquered! Make yourself a priority and call us today.

Education and Student Coaching

Today students have so many other responsibilities and commitments that it may seem almost impossible to persuade them to do homework, study for tests, or obtain better grades. Some students even go so far as to blame teachers or friends for their own lack of motivation. We assist students in identifying and clarifying their individual academic goals and desires enabling them to create a plan and take action to achieve their objectives. We will aid the students in recognizing and understanding the underlying beliefs that refrain them from fulfilling their goals. These limiting beliefs will be discusses and new patterns of thinking and behaving will be explored that will propel the student to overcome the hurdles and achieve success. By clarifying their goals, creating an action plan and taking action to achieve it students are provided accountability and structure to empower them to improve themselves, their beliefs, their grades, their educational experience and of course their lives.

Family and Relationship Coaching

Empowering both youth and parents to discover their own unique potential to create resilient and more fulfilling relationships is of utmost importance to our coaches. By providing tools to gain more effective communication, coaching will result in more nurturing families, stronger communities and a more harmonious world. We believe that within each child and parent lays the desire to express and obtain love, peace and joy. Both parents and children need a conducive relationship where each feels unconditional acceptance. Our coaches will help to identify key issues that may be preventing you from attaining this cherish relationship. One of the most fulfilling yet complicated relationships in that of spouses and life partners. There are times when the lines of communication get blocked and thus need some help in revitalized your passion and commitment to one another. Our coaches will help you to reconnect and resolve issues without blame and resentment. Relationships between extended family, friends and other professionals are also a necessity of life. Let us help you in obtaining fulfillment, and purpose when interacting with those around you.

Health Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is an excellent opportunity to improve both the mental and the physical aspects of our clients being. A Healthy body means greater emotional stability, increased energy, higher self-esteem and improved mental alertness. It will enhance the way one processes information, thinks and feels. By removing unhealthy behaviors, our coaches will provide the confidence and the knowledge to put and keep clients on track to better health and wellness. Helping you analyze your eating behavior and making small but pertinent changes will enable you to bring your body back into balance. Encouraging and motivating you to find and adhere to an exercise routine will energize you and keep you fit and healthy. By decreasing major health risks our clients can enjoy a long and fulfilling life without distress and worry.

Spiritual Holistic Coaching

Spiritual and Holistic Coaching incorporates the person as a whole. It is higher education which draws on the New Age movement. It may consist of the clients’ views of God, religion, consciousness, meditation and the art of tarot. It allows us to experience life on a higher plane. Our coaches will help you to identify your divine purpose and move your subconscious mind to a state of bliss and contentment. After having your aura or tarot cards read you will experience more insight into the depths of your soul. With many seeking alternative approaches to medicine, and science to aid in depression and the fear of the unknown, spiritual coaching can help to provide you with the answers you seek to gain the peace of mind necessary to function and live a more productive life.

Youth Coaching

Children today are under tremendous amount of pressure.  Parenting in today’s world is as challenging as it ever was.  With computers, cell phones, texting, instant messaging, video games and other electronic devices it seems almost impossible to reach them.  Communication and connection with family is an elusive community.  Gain the tools you need to raise children who are immune to peer pressure and bullying.  Raise leaders who are able to motivate others and help to build stronger communities.  Learn to captivate, motivate and raise successful children.

Coaching Seminars are provided as either single information sessions or a series of sessions.  Private coaching sessions are also available to individuals or families.